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WALIMEX Pro Video Rig Director III 19904


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  • Stabilising shoulder rig for shake-free filming
  • Individually adjustable to your height
  • Flexibly expandable with follow focus system, sun visor etc.
  • Camera plate adjustable in height and length
  • C-bracket with rubberised grip
  • Z-bracket for various assembly options
  • With convenient quick-release fasteners
  • Made from light-weight aluminium
  • Easy to disassemble and store in a space-saving manner
  • Padded shoulder rest with plate for mounting counterweights etc.
  • Rubberised grips
  • Rubberised camera plate with 1/4 inch screw
  • Tripod plate with three 1/4 inch threads and one 3/8 inch thread
  • Compatible with DSLR and system cameras