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SONY E 11mm f/1.8 APC-C Wide Angle Prime


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E 11mm F1.8

Designed for Vlogging and Delivers Superb Resolution and Exquisite Bokeh

The E 11mm F1.8’s ultra-wide angle of view and compact size are ideal for vlogging which includes selfie-style recording at arm’s length as well as interior shots and images that make expressive use of depth of field. Three aspherical elements and three ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass elements achieve consistently high resolution in the entire image frame. The aspherical lenses are carefully positioned to compensate for distortion and deliver excellent corner-to-corner resolution even with the aperture wide open. The addition of ED glass further suppresses chromatic aberration and effectively reduces color fringing that is more likely to occur in the image periphery.

The large F1.8 maximum aperture of this lens makes it easy to achieve deep and natural background bokeh. Users can blur the background, so they stand out clearly when vlogging, or create beautiful blur in ultra-wide night scenes. Precisely controlled spherical aberration and a circular aperture mechanism further contribute to the smooth bokeh produced by this unique lens.

With a minimum focusing distance of 4.7 inches (0.12 meters) and maximum magnification of 0.2x[vii] the lens can deliver impressive close-ups for both stills and videos.

Optimized for Video

Two advanced linear motors provide fast, precise, quiet AF and tracking for both stills and video, maximizing the speed potential of the camera body used to reliably maintain accurate focus even on moving subjects. Linear Response MF ensures that the focus ring responds directly and linearly to subtle control when focusing manually so it feels immediate and precise.

Sony’s latest lens technology greatly reduces focus breathing[viii] and angle-of-view variations are minimized for smooth, stable video. The E 11mm F1.8’s ultra-wide 11 mm angle of view makes vlogging against a wide background easier than ever.

Compact and Lightweight with Exceptional Control and Reliability

Its small size and light weight are great for mobility and handling for lengthy walk-around shooting sessions. The E 11mm F1.8 boasts a large F1.8 maximum aperture in a compact, lightweight lens. It weighs 6.4 ounces (181 grams) and is only 2.6 inches (66 mm) in diameter and 2.26 inches (57.5 mm) in length – a perfect match for compact APS-C format bodies. The lens’ dust and moisture resistant design[ix] provides extra reliability.

Despite its compact dimensions, this lens offers flexible, intuitive control with features such as a focus hold button and focus mode switch. An alternative function chosen by the user can be assigned to the focus hold button from the body menu. The E 11mm F1.8 also accepts front filters, which is a feature that is often lacking on ultra-wide-angle lenses.