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Camera Monitor

Compact yet versatile display

The M5 Camera Display is the perfect solution for people that want to have a better view on what they are shooting, yet do not want to log around a big and heavy display. The M5 is extremely lightweight yet very durable, making it an ideal companion for film makers and photographers on the go.

The wide color gamut, high brightness and high contrast screen allows for accurate viewing of your material in any condition. On top of that, the M5 comes equipped with many analysis functions to know you are filming with optimal settings, such as: False Coloring, Peak Filtering, Exposure, Histograms, Level Meters, Image Grid, Zoom, Underscan, Screen Markers, etc.

The M5 comes with a foldable sun screen, hot-shoe mount, HDMI cable and operation manual.



Super light-weight design

High quality video

4K Compatible Display through HDMI

Analyse signals

Built in functions for analysing video and audio signals while shooting

Accurate viewing

Wide color gamut for accurate color reproduction and excellent grayscale