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GODOX LEDP260C Duo Tripod Kit


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Godox LEDP260C Duo Tripod Kit
The Godox LEDP260C Trio Tripod Kit is a complete continuous light set and consists of 3 powerful Godox LEDP260C LED lamps, 3 Caruba LS-8 lamp stands and 3 Caruba sandbags.

Godox LEDP260C
The Godox LEDP260C is a powerful LED lamp with an adjustable color temperature from 3300 to 5600K and a light output of 2200 lumens at half a meter away. With a wide opening angle, the LEDP260C from Godox provides a nice soft lighting for photography and video. With the included tripod adapter, the lamp can be placed on practically any lamp tripod. This LED lamp is ideal for macro photography, photojournalism, product photography, video recording and much more. The video light can be powered using the supplied AC adapter or two optional NP-F970 li-ion batteries.
Caruba LS-8 lamp stand
The air-suspended Caruba LS-8 lamp stand consists of four sections that are adjustable by means of easy-to-use clamp locks. The lamp stand weighs 1.8 kilograms and has a maximum height of no less than 292 centimeters and a maximum load capacity of 4.5 kilograms. At the top is a universal spigot attachment with a 1.4 “and 3/8” threaded connection. The spigot adapter can also be connected to the right and left side of the tripod. The tripod offers a stable base thanks to the center spreader.
Caruba Sandbag for tripod base
The Caruba sandbag provides extra stability for your lamp stands. Due to the triangular design, the sandbag fits exactly over the legs of the tripod, so you only have to use one sandbag per tripod instead of two or three separate sandbags. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the sandbag falling off the light stand. The sandbag is made of water-repellent polyester that is lined with PVC on the inside. In addition to sand, the sandbag can be filled with almost all types of materials such as stones or drinking cans.




  • Light output of 2200 lumens
  • Frequency of 433MHz
  • Six groups and sixteen channels
  • Continuously adjustable in brightness
  • Color temperature of 3200-5600K
  • Equipped with 256 high quality LEDs
  • Can also be used with optional NP-F970 li-ion batteries
  • Dimensions of 36 x 24 x 2.7 centimeters
  • Weighs 917 grams
  • Warranty standard: 2 years
  • Battery warranty: 3 months
  • Flashtube Warranty: None


In the box


  • 2x  Godox Led LEDP260C
  • 2x  Caruba Lamp stand
  • 2x  Caruba Sandbag